Fintech COMPLETE Index

Fintech COMPLETE aims to capture the growth and economic value of the fintech space.

Updated: 2024-05-28

Fintech COMPLETE aims to capture the growth and economic value of the fintech space. "COMPLETE" in that we have a lot of names in the bucket.

The index was initiated on 5/26 with a starting value of $10,000 and will be benchmarked against the S&P 500, and the NASDAQ. This page will be updated frequently with the current value of the index, and any notes when it comes to rebalancing.

Here are the criteria for inclusion:

  1. Market Cap: The equity must have a market cap above $250 million.
  2. Revenue Growth: The equity should have shown revenue growth over the last three years (ideally, >5%).
  3. Fintech Focus: The equity should generate, or be expected to generate, a significant portion of its revenues from the intersection of finance and technology.
  4. U.S. Listing: The equity should be listed on a U.S. exchange (ADRs are acceptable).
  5. Liquidity: The equity should be liquid, with an average daily trading volume exceeding $5 million.


TechBreakdowns Fintech Index Performance
TechBreakdowns Fintech Index Performance
DateCompleteS&P 500NASDAQ


TickerNamePrice AddedMarket Cap ($B)
ADYEYAdyen Unsponsored Netherl 100 ADR Representing 1 Ord Shs$13.14$38.21
AFRMAffirm Holdings Inc$30.03$9.28
ALKTAlkami Technology Inc$27.40$2.67
AVDXAvidXchange Holdings Inc$10.79$2.23
BILLBILL Holdings Inc$52.16$5.54
BLBlackline Inc$49.64$3.07
COINCoinbase Global Inc$237.65$58.36
CPAYCorpay Inc$267.93$18.83
CWANClearwater Analytics Holdings Inc$19.10$4.69
DLODlocal Ltd$9.56$2.83
FLYWFlywire Corp$18.33$2.28
FOURShift4 Payments Inc$68.29$5.98
GLBEGlobal-E Online Ltd$29.42$4.91
GRABGrab Holdings Ltd$3.66$14.47
HIPOHippo Holdings Inc$18.20$0.44
HOODRobinhood Markets Inc$20.51$18.02
HQYHealthequity Inc$79.27$6.90
INTAIntapp Inc$36.18$2.66
INTUIntuit Inc$606.99$169.94
LDILoandepot Inc$1.94$0.63
LMNDLemonade Inc$16.31$1.15
LSPDLightspeed Commerce Inc$15.15$3.11
MAMastercard Inc$451.18$419.42
MELIMercadoLibre Inc$1,693.57$85.86
MSCIMsci Inc$493.00$39.06
NCNOnCino Inc$30.66$3.51
NUNu Holdings Ltd$11.73$55.90
OLOOlo Inc$4.61$0.74
OSCROscar Health Inc$20.56$4.88
PAGSPagSeguro Digital Ltd$12.27$7.18
PAYPaymentus Holdings Inc$19.07$2.37
PAYOPayoneer Global Inc$6.03$2.25
PYPLPayPal Holdings Inc$61.64$64.48
RELYRemitly Global Inc$13.70$2.64
SHOPShopify Inc$56.97$100.59
SOFISoFi Technologies Inc$6.92$7.32
SPGIS&P Global Inc$438.24$137.13
SQBlock Inc$66.34$40.93
STNEStoneCo Ltd$14.29$10.17
TOSTToast Inc$25.46$14.13
VVisa Inc$274.49$549.25
WPLCFWise PLC$10.10$8.26
XROLFXero Ltd$83.18$20.42
ZUOZuora Inc$9.97$1.48